Made in a variety of styles, they are defined by their most intriguing feature, the table top actually lifts up and pulls forward towards the person seated in front of it.  The interior compartment is hollow and can be used to store a variety of items:
  • remote controls
  • magazines
  • iPods and iPads
  • books

The hinges that allow the table to come forward are strong enough for the table top to hold a few meals or several books.  Frequently the tables are designed with other drawers so they offer several storage options in the same piece of furniture.



When these tables first appeared on the market, their pop up coffee table top was the main draw and designers did not focus on the aesthetic.  This has changed dramatically over the years.  Lift Top coffee tables now come in every wood used for modern furniture and various finishes.  Glass, metal and even marble can accentuate the top. There are enough style options to match any design you can imagine for your living room.  When deciding on this type of coffee table you no longer have to sacrifice style for the cool lift top feature.



Though these table offer a hollow portion in the interior for storage, make no mistake, these are solid pieces of furniture.  From the outside they look like perfectly normal coffee tables until that magic moment when Voila, the top pops up. These tables never fail to amuse and spark conversation while being incredibly useful on a daily basis.

The tables are offered in various shapes and sizes. The two most popular styles are corner tables and the traditional rectangle.  Measure your living room space carefully and remember when you are measuring that the table lifts and comes forward toward the user, so you will want to have enough space for the table in its closed and in its open position.  The corner units are best placed in the corners of sectional sofas where the “L” shape converges. There are several other factors to consider when choosing your coffee table. Color, style and design we have discussed. Next, look to type and size of storage space. Some tables offer deep wells with no compartments. Others offer compartments and still others offer shallow compartments only. Many people use these tables as their home office and they can be found pounding away at their laptops while seated comfortably on their couch. If this is a use you intend, make sure you sit at the table so that you can determine whether the height is appropriate for the work you intend to do.


The tables will easily support a laptop computer (it could support a desktop in its closed position, but this would not be a workable option if you intend to use the lift feature of the coffee table). The table top can be locked in place and is very sturdy.  One can easily write or type with several books opened around them and the top would hold up just fine. One could even scrapbook on the outstretched table.  There really are no limits to the activities, as for weight limit, these will be designated on the table itself. Obviously, if the table has glass or a lighter metal, it will hold less weight than the wood or marble. One of the best features of the table is the way the table shuts. There is a catch in the hinges that allows the top to lower slowly, so you don’t have to worry about slamming motions or things falling off.  The metal work on the interior generally matches the décor of the table itself, but can be switched out if there is an urgent need for something more eclectic. Whether you call them Lift Top to Pop Top Coffee tables, these fun and versatile pieces of furniture are a great addition to any living room.  They are available in most large furniture stores and ample options are available online.